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Garage Door Service, Repair, and Sales in Arizona.


Garage Doors

Garage Door Styles Offered by Busted Garage Service and Repair in Arizona

Garage Door Service

In the same way that deferred maintenance on your car can lead to higher repair costs down the road, your garage door is no different.  Performing annual garage door service and maintenance can save you money, extend the life of your garage door components and parts, and help prevent property damage or injuries caused by a garage door failure.  Check out our Garage Door Service page for more information and pricing.

Garage Door Repair

No garage door repair is too big or too small for the experts at Busted Garage.  From dented panels and bent track, to failing rollers and frayed cables, the experts at Busted Garage are sure to have a solution to every dilemma that our clients may face.  If your garage door is making unusual sounds, is not level, does not open or close all the way, or has sustained physical damage, give us a shout today—we’re here to help 24/7.  See our Garage Door Repair page for more information.

New Garage Doors

Perhaps your garage door is damaged beyond repair, or you just want something new and beautiful to look at, or maybe you’re looking for more desirable features or characteristics like better insulation or a stronger door.  Regardless of the why, Busted Garage is here to help when you are ready to replace or upgrade your garage door.  We carry garage doors from all of the major manufacturers like Amarr, Clopay, Wayne Dalton, 1st United, CHI, and more, at prices you won’t believe.  Do yourself a favor and get a quote from us today—all estimates are absolutely free, even if we have to come out to your home (i.e. no trip charges, ever).  See our New Garage Doors page for more information.

Garage Door Springs

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement By Busted Garage Door Service and Repair in Arizona

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Broken garage door springs could result in: your cars being trapped in your garage, property damage as a result of flying shrapnel, damage to your garage door panels if the door comes crashing down, and most seriously, injury to persons in the vicinity of the spring when it breaks.  Good thing Busted Garage is here to help 24/7/365.  Busted Garage can replace broken springs at all hours of the day or night for just $99 for our basic spring replacement package, which includes two of the highest-quality, oil-tempered, American-Made springs available and all labor.  That’s right—that’s our out-the-door price—no games, no hassle, just honest, upfront pricing and amazing service.  For just a little bit more you can get our ultra-life spring replacement package.  Check out our Garage Door Spring Repair page for more information and all pricing.

Garage Door Spring Service

Although servicing your garage door springs is quick, easy, and extremely inexpensive, it is something that should absolutely be done at least annually.  This service is always included when you hire Busted Garage to perform annual Garage Door Service on your garage doors, and is included in all of our garage door tune-ups.  During this service we will lubricate your garage door springs to protect them from moisture and reduce noise, as well as balance them to ensure that your door operates as intended, and to reduce wear-and-tear on other components—most notably, your electric opener.

Garage Door Spring Upgrades

One huge advantage of most torsion spring setups is the ability to opt for longer-life springs.  Our ultra-life springs are extended-life springs on steroids.  Where most standard torsion springs are good for 8,000-10,000 cycles, our standard springs are good for 20,000+ cycles, and our ultra-life springs are good for over 40,000 cycles!  Check out our Garage Door Spring Upgrades page for more information on our ultra-life springs and pricing.

Garage Door Openers

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement By Busted Garage Door Service and Repair in Arizona

Garage Door Opener Service

An electric garage door opener has many moving parts that can wear over time.  But, with proper inspection, lubrication, and overall maintenance of the entire system, most garage door openers will not require new parts, saving you money in the long-run.  Performing this regular service and maintenance on your garage door opener will ensure many years of trouble-free operation.  When it comes to garage door openers, the pros at Busted Garage are trained in much more than  “this looks broken so I’ll replace it”.  We are experts in everything garage doors, up to and including some of the most complex circuitry found in most modern electric openers.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Normally as a result of neglect, or other dependent-part failure, your garage door opener will require repair.  This is when you should call the experts at Busted Garage.  We are ready and able to replace any part of your garage door opener, right down to tiny resistors and transistors that could hardly fit on the tip of a pencil.  From gears, sprockets, chains, and trolleys, to remotes, switches, capacitors and logic boards, Busted Garage has the parts and the know-how to get your garage door opener working great again.  And since we are always looking out for our customers, we know you’ll love it when we offer alternatives that save you money.

New Garage Door Openers

Yep, there’s an app for that.  What we mean is there’s an app to have total control over your garage door from anywhere in the world (well, anywhere with internet anyway).  With modern technology in garage door openers from names like Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and Genie, your garage door has never been smarter, more accessible, or easier to use.  If you are in the market for a new garage door opener, let Busted Garage show you some amazing things.  And don’t assume that something amazing must be expensive.  We save our customers money every day on garage door openers and accessories, and none of our competitors come close.  Check out our Garage Door Opener Upgrades page for more information and pricing.

Winding Cone From a Garage Door Spring Installed by Busted Garage in Arizona.

Honest Garage Door Service

The garage door service industry in Arizona is plagued with bait-and-switch at best, and con-artists at worst.  Busted Garage is honest and transparent, and…we will never deceive or mislead our customers in any way.  You don’t have to take our word on this, you will experience it first hand when you use us for all of your garage door service needs.  When you hire Busted Garage to repair your door or perform regular garage door maintenance, you’re hiring an honest company that takes integrity very seriously.  We will always keep our word and will never engage in practices designed to mislead or deceive our customers.  Give us a try today and see experience The BustedVantage.  From the first call with us, you’ll know where our priorities lie.  Call or text us today at 480-400-0444.

Winding Cone From a Garage Door Spring Installed by Busted Garage in Arizona.

Emergency Repair

Garage Doors don’t just break between 9-5, which is why we’re here 24/7 with NO additional fees.  And if you’re thinking that maybe we just hide it in our pricing like some of the other companies in town, think again.  Our pricing is set, and even published on our website.  What good is “No after-hours Charges” if the company doesn’t tell you the price from the get-go?  With Busted Garage, you can find our pricing right on our website at any time day or night.  Or, if you have more specific request or question, just call or text us and we’ll provide you with an immediate quote!  Emergency Garage Door Repair isn’t an Emergency for us—it’s just another day (or night) at work!  Check it out today and call or text us anytime for service, or heck, just to chat — 480-400-0444.

Winding Cone From a Garage Door Spring Installed by Busted Garage in Arizona.

Local Company

It makes sense right?  Would you rather call a 1-800 number to have your garage door fixed (which is most likely a referral service, meaning higher costs that will be passed onto you, the customer), or a locally-owned and operated garage door service company whose very existence relies on providing amazing service and value to its customers?  You make the choice.  Some of our competitors think it’s okay to create 100 websites and/or phone numbers in order to push-out competition on search engines, and when you call them and they answer with a company other than the one you saw listed, they’ll say something like “Oh yeah we just acquired that company recently…”.  Don’t fall for these deceptive practices.  Busted Garage has one phone number, one website, and one email address.  Give us a call or drop us a text today for all of your garage door needs at 480-400-0444.

Winding Cone From a Garage Door Spring Installed by Busted Garage in Arizona.

Best Value Guaranteed

Don’t fall for the “well we need to see your garage to give you a price” trick.  Companies that hide their pricing and play these games are doing it for a reason.  This is why Busted Garage has published pricing.

With Busted Garage, your price won’t change just because you have nice cars in your driveway—most of our standard pricing is on our published on our website, or we’re happy to provide immediate quotes over the phone for most jobs with just some basic information.  A few coupons you’ll see from local garage door companies will all look the same (often with the same stock images as well), and the common ones will be for “$75 off a Spring Job” or “$200 off any new garage door”.  This is deceptive marketing, and frankly, Busted Garage doesn’t think our future customers are oblivious to the reality that a coupon is useless if the before-coupon price is nowhere to be found.  Doesn’t this sound like the ‘ol “push it, pull it, or drag it here and we’ll give you $5000 in trade value” scam?  We think so.  This is why Busted Garage’s common prices can all be found right on the pricing page on our website.  Don’t do business with a company that plays games with you—call or text us today at 480-400-0444.

When your Garage Door is Busted, call the service and repair company that is trusted—Busted Garage.  Call or Text us 24/7 at 480-400-0444.

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