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No Games

We don’t engage in deceptive marketing, spamming the internet with fake business that lead back to us, acting as a referral service, utilizing sub-contractors, etc.  When you call us, you’re dealing with Busted Garage and only Busted Garage, period.  We are committed to our customers and doing the right thing, and our goal is for our customers to be our biggest advocates.  Call us and see the difference today.

No Bait-and-Switch

Don’t fall victim to the ‘ol “bait-and-switch”, which runs rampant in our industry.  Busted Garage will never charge more than the quoted price for a given repair, and we will never deceive our customers about necessary parts or services.  We are the only company in town with published pricing.  Change your mind when we get there?  No problem, you can send us on our way with no fees or charges whatsoever.

No Surprises

Never hire a company that insists on coming to your home to provide you with a “Free Estimate”.  This is an age-old tactic of on-the-spot hard-selling, and even if you decline, these companies will often then demand that you pay a trip charge (NEVER pay this trip charge unless it was clearly communicated or advertised).  Busted Garage will never surprise you like this, and we happily provide estimates right over the phone.  And of course, if you change your mind when we arrive, we will never charge hidden trip charges or fees, EVER!

Basic Springs

$9999all parts & labor, no hidden fees
  • 2 Standard-Life Springs
  • 10k+ Cycle Life
  • American Made
  • Highest-Quality & Oil Tempered
  • Full Safety Inspection
  • Torsion System Lubrication
  • 1 Year Labor Warranty on Springs
  • 3 Year Warranty on Springs

Extended Springs

$13999all parts & labor, no hidden fees
  • 2 Extended-Life Springs
  • 20k+ Cycle Life
  • American Made
  • Highest-Quality & Oil Tempered
  • Full Safety Inspection
  • Complete System Lubrication
  • Complete System Tune-Up
  • Free Center Bushing
  • 2 Year Labor Warranty on Springs
  • 6 Year Warranty on Springs

Lifetime Springs

$17999all parts & labor, no hidden fees
  • 2 Lifetime Springs
  • 35k+ Cycle Life
  • American Made
  • Highest-Quality & Oil-Tempered
  • Full Safety Inspection
  • Complete System Lubrication
  • Complete System Tune-Up
  • Free Steel Center Bearing
  • Minor Adjustments Included
  • Lifetime Labor Warranty on Springs
  • Lifetime Warranty on Springs

All pricing is inclusive of tax, surcharges, and fees.  All pricing above is valid for standard garage doors, the kind found on the vast majority of the valley’s homes (16ft wide by 7ft tall).  Extended-Life and Lifetime packages are available valleywide and there are no upcharges for windows or insulation.  Basic Spring packages are available in most east-valley cities, and may incur additional charges for windows or insulation due to weight variations.  Please call, text, or email us today if you have any questions—we’re here to help 24/7 and we NEVER charge after-hours fees.

Garage Door Spring Repair in Arizona

Winding Cone From a Garage Door Spring Installed by Busted Garage in Arizona.

Best Garage Door Spring Pricing

Don’t overpay for garage door springs and parts—they’re not as expensive as the other guys are charging. Oh and don’t be fooled by that same “$75” off coupon that just about every other company has in town. Can you really trust a coupon when they didn’t tell you the before-coupon price upfront? The value Busted Garage provides on all Garage Door Spring repairs cannot be matched. Some companies will try to charge you $100 or more for a set of cables or a center bearing—not us!  When they pull this kind of stuff, give Busted Garage a call today. High quality springs with the extras you need, at a value that cannot be beaten—that’s how we do it here at Busted Garage. We guarantee it!

Winding Cone From a Garage Door Spring Installed by Busted Garage in Arizona.

Honest Garage Door Spring Repair

We don’t think it’s right to play marketing or pricing games with our clients, so we DON’T! When others offer coupons on phantom prices (leaving you wondering if it was really a coupon or not), Busted Garage is committed to transparent, honest, no-hassle, no-haggle pricing and marketing practices. We are fair and forthcoming, and you’ll never have pricing surprises or experience the ‘ol bait-and-switch when hiring us for garage door repair. Give us a call or send us a text today and experience the BustedVantage — 480-400-0444.

Winding Cone From a Garage Door Spring Installed by Busted Garage in Arizona.

Emergency Garage Door Spring Repair

Whether it is late at night, or early-morning before you head to work, Busted Garage is ready to fix your garage door springs at a moments-notice. Some companies charge insane rates for emergency garage door spring repair, but not Busted Garage. Emergency repairs are what we do, and we NEVER charge extra. Give us a call day or night and we’ll be there to repair your garage door springs in a jiffy! 480-400-0444

Winding Cone From a Garage Door Spring Installed by Busted Garage in Arizona.

Garage Door Spring Experts

We take every garage door spring repair very seriously. You garage door, when well-maintained, is very safe. When things start breaking, namely springs, your garage door can become a weapon. The technicians at Busted Garage are thoroughly trained in repairing garage door springs, as well as all other garage door repairs. We’re not part-changers. We are experts who will leave you with a perfectly functioning and most importantly, SAFE garage door. Call or text us today480-400-0444

Highest Quality Springs.

Busted Garage uses only the highest-quality parts for your garage door; and no, that doesn’t mean they cost more. Our garage door springs are American-made, oil-tempered, coated for protection, and custom-cut and wound right here in Arizona. So, when your garage door needs new springs or other parts, look to Busted Garage and rest assured that we are always using the absolute best parts available for your garage door.

Unmatched Experience.

Busted Garage technicians are not just experienced garage door repair technicians, but they are all trained on even more complex topics, like spring engineering (and all the math and numbers that come with it), material composition, environmental factors, and electronics to name a few. We are truly experts in our field. But don’t think that you’ll pay more for this experience—just tell your friends about us when they need their garage doors repaired!

Unbeatable Service.

We are committed to amazing service and this commitment has become part of what we call The BustedVantage. Whether you’re in need of garage door spring repair, or any other service we offer, Busted Garage is committed to providing you with the most amazing service in the industry. This isn’t just about answering your calls or showing up on time—it’s also about being fair, transparent, and building great relationships with our clients. We want you to share your experience with Busted Garage with your friends, family, and neighbors, and it all starts with providing you with the highest levels of service.

We’re happy you found us for garage door spring repair. You’ll be happy too. Call or text us today at 480-400-0444.

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