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The BustedVantage.

Unparalleled Service

  • We tell the truth.

  • We keep our word.

  • We answer our phones.

  • We show up on time.

  • We take responsibility.

  • We follow up.

When it comes to service, our goal is pretty simple—we want our customers to be our biggest advocates. We know that we’ll achieve this by providing them with amazing service and value.

From honesty and transparency, to fair pricing and punctuality, no other garage door service company can compete with Busted Garage.  You don’t have to take our word for it, just give us a call today to see what the BustedVantage is all about.

Quality People

It is impossible to have a great business without great people, which is why every last team member of Busted Garage is top-notch.

All of our employees are fully background-checked and fingerprinted for our customers’ safety, but in addition to that, we dive even deeper than a background-check could, and we only select those individuals with the highest levels of integrity, selflessness, and empathy.  Our people are hard-working, kind, and great listeners.

We don’t have sales-people, only technicians and experts ready and willing to help our customers get what they need and want at the most amazing values.  We are confident that you will not find another garage door service company with better people who are always looking out for you.  Try us out today, you’ll be glad you did (and we’ll be glad you did too :-)).

Locally-Owned and Operated

Yes, yes, it sounds like a given.  But, when it comes to garage door service companies in Arizona, you’d be surprised to know that many of the companies are not really companies at all, but instead are referral services, or companies posing as many other companies but with all routes leading back to them.

Busted Garage Service and Repair is one company based out of Gilbert and San Tan Valley, Arizona.  We service the entire Phoenix Metro area.  We are not a referral service, and we do not employ shady tactics like the ones you’ll read about shortly.  We don’t play games with our customers, because we want them to tell their friends, family, and neighbors about us—and we’re confident they will.

When you accidentally call or hire one of these shady companies, they’ll charge a fee to the repairman who actually comes out to your home to do the repair, and you know what this means—a fee being passed on to you, the customer.

Generally these ‘repair men’ are in unmarked vehicles, with no uniforms or business cards, and are out there hustling unsuspecting homeowners for loads of cash for services that can be done by a reputable company for much less, and with recourse, should an issue arise.  When you call one of these numbers, you are likely to encounter someone answering the phone with something like, “Garage Doors”, or “Garage Door Service”, or something similar.  The reason they don’t want to identify themselves is because they have put many different phone numbers, company names, and flyers out there that all forward to the same place.  So by identifying themselves specifically, they would be blowing  their cover.  Most people are unaware of these tactics and find themselves calling a real garage door service provider like Busted Garage to clean up what those guys left behind.

With Busted Garage, you are getting a locally-owned and operated garage door service company.  We are not a franchise or chain, and we do not operate in multiple states.  We specifically operate in and around the valley, including all of Maricopa  County and most of Pinal County.  All of our technicians drive marked service vehicles and are uniformed.

Unlike even some of more legitimate companies in the valley, we do not have 20 phone numbers or websites in an attempt to saturate the market with advertising (and thereby trick the customer into reaching us one-way-or-another).  We have one phone number 480-400-0444, one website,, and one email address, [email protected]

We never hide our business name, and you should avoid any company that does.

Emergency Garage Door Service

Garage Doors don’t break during banking hours, which is why Busted Garage is here 24/7/365 and no, we never charge after-hours fees.  That’s right—our ridiculously amazing value is available at all hours of the day or night.

You might be thinking, “well they probably just build it into the price they’ll charge us,” and the answer to that is an easy one—nope!  The majority of our emergency pricing is available for all to see on our website, unlike all of our competitors.

So, when you need garage door service day or night, give us a call at 480-400-0444.

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